Please fill out the fields that apply.

Why does your orgnanization exist? What is its essential purpose? What motivates and inspires your members to work for, and remain loyal to your organization?
What is your organization striving to become?
What is the most important, long-term goal that engages and challenges your entire team?
What are the fundamental beliefs and principles that stand the test of time and guide your organizations behaviour?
What is the exact business you are in?
What is the business concept or rationale behind your organization/business? Why is that important?
What is your overriding mission?
Why do you think you’re a player or successful in the business or field you are in?
What is the one thing that makes your organization unique in this market or field?
How do you separate yourself from the pack?
What words or attributes would you use to describe your organization? Rank them in order of importance.
In which category are you first, or would you like to be first?
If you could own one exclusive word in your customer’s mind, what would it be?
Are there any misconceptions about your business that you’d like to see changed?
Who are your main competitors? Rank them in order of market importance/influence.
What are their respective core strengths?
What are your competitors’ core weaknesses? In what ways are they vulnerable? This is for awareness only.
Are your competitors positioning themselves in a particular way? What claims are they making?
What do you promise and deliver on?
How do you define quality?
What are the benefits of doing business with your organization? Which benefit is most important? Why?
What are the benefits of your product/service? Which benefit is most important? Why?
Are any of these benefits unique to your organization and product/service?
Do you stress any attributes or benefits that your competitors do not?
What are your company’s core weaknesses? What are you doing to address or overcome them?
Who “purchases” your product/service? Describe your typical types of customer.
What motivates your clients to buy your product/service?
What are their (your clientele’s) main concerns or hot buttons?
Who doesn’t buy or use your product/services at this time - that you would like to?
What are your potential clients main objections to your product/service at present (that you're aware of)?
Why do potential customers buy from your competition? What are they offering?
How does your price compare with the market leader?
Do you have a tag line? (Unique Selling Proposition). Eg. FedEx “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”, M&Ms “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”
Brand Personality is the description of your brand as if they were a person. List some key adjectives to describe how the company should be perceived by the audience. (eg. conservative, progressive, friendly, formal, casual, dependable, traditional, established, edgy, enthusiastic, unique, high-tech, integrity, fun, serious, energetic, humorous, professional, etc,)
List the websites of 5 of your most direct competitors or leaders in your industry located else where.
List the websites of 5 companies or brands in any market that you really admire and aspire to.
Please add any info, opinions and insights that may help to define your new brand identity more clearly.
Consider your current audience and potential audience, how do their interests align with your business, and how you connect with them. What specific industry sectors do you work in?
Who is the target audience(s)? (the most likely users of your product/service)
What is the age group of your target audience(s)?
Geographically, where are your customers based? Are they local to you? How local? Within 10 km, 1 hr by car?
How do your customers find out about you?